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Title: RAC Section Restructuring Commission
Post by: VE3NCQ on August 08, 2011, 04:21:51 PM
RAC Section Restructuring Commission

Pursuant to RAC's Field Organization Review Project, and the regional
model adopted in May 2011, Radio Amateurs of Canada has formed a
Section Restructuring Commission. To best serve our membership, the
Commission will determine the most effective number of Section
Managers and other positions, and any further regional such divisions
which may be required. The final report is expected by November 2011,
with implementation in 2012.

Members of the Commission are Bill Unger VE3XT, Director Ontario
Northeast (Chair), Jeffery Stewart VA3WXM, Director Ontario South,
Pat Barrett VE3RNH, Vic Henderson VE3FOX and a member yet to be
named.  Questions or comments should be directed to Doug Mercer
VO1DTM, Vice President Field Services.

-- RAC Bulletin Service