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Title: 145.190 and 146.680 Repeaters
Post by: VA3SNW on April 29, 2009, 09:46:58 PM
Hello Everyone,
Just a note about our secondary repeaters. They have been on the work bench for a while waiting for parts. They have come in and will be put back into service in the next couple of days. We put the parts in today and they seem to be operating to specs. The 146.680 was running on our back up repeater which can be switched to any of our VHF repeater frequencies. 145.190 will be up in full service as well when we make arrangements to have them put back into the station location.
I will follow up when they are put into service again.

Title: Re: 145.190 and 146.680 Repeaters
Post by: VA3SNW on May 12, 2009, 10:22:14 AM
Hello Everyone,
The 145.190 and 146.680 repeaters have been put back into their locations and are working well again.

These repeaters sponsored and maintained by the CKARC need your support to maintain so please join the club for $20.00 a year which is a cost of 5.4 cents a day. It is worth supporting the club as with out support you won't have the fun and use of the repeaters some day. Break the cost per day to the 7 units we have running daily and what is the cost. Cheap fun and if you talk to friends that are out of your free phone calling area you have quite a bargain.