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Author Topic: Simulated Emergency Test December 4th  (Read 7019 times)
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« on: November 13, 2010, 12:00:53 PM »

Simulated Emergency Test (December 4 2010)

EOC to EOC Exercise (December 1 2010)

Ontario Province-wide SET Instructions


The Province-wide SET will be conducted on December 4th 2010 from 10:00 to 14:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 hrs ET.  All ARES Groups are encouraged to participate in Province-wide SET activities and pass traffic to the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre as well as other ARES Groups, RAC Officials and Government/Support Agencies through-out the Province. 

SET 2010 will be an official test of the Ontario ARES under the direction of Emergency Management Ontario, all ARES Groups are requested to participate. If your ARES group is planning to conduct SET on a different date please have a representative available for the province-wide portion as this is an official test of the Ontario ARES by Emergency Management Ontario. Our focus this year will be on formal message handling, some helpful tools are included further down in the SET instructions.

Clubs or groups with installations on CBC tower sites participating in this year’s SET will receive letters of conformation from Emergency Management Ontario. In order to receive conformation of participation a radiogram must be sent from your club to the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (VE3EMO) during the SET exercise followed by a request for conformation via e-mail to EMOARES at gmail.com, please included your full mailing address as conformation will be sent via regular mail. CHECK YOUR CBC CONTRACT FOR DETAILS.

Example Message

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre

The Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club is participating in the simulated emergency test 2010 x We have five operators participating monitoring 3.742 and IRLP 9035 x

Signed: Allan Boyd VE3AJB Club President

Guidelines for stations checking into the networks

ALL operations and traffic should follow the guidelines as outlined by Radio Amateurs of Canada www.rac.ca/fieldorg/ARES_set.htm This year it is very important to maintain accurate logs as scoring has been introduced into this years exercise, please visit the RAC site for details, SET Report Form: http://www.rac.ca/fieldorg/setform.htm

When signing into the SET please inform Net Control of which ARES Group you represent, your title if any (example: SM, SEC, DEC, EC, AEC), if you are operating with emergency power, your location, also inform NCS if you are operating from an Emergency Operations Centre.

All stations should stay on frequency for traffic routing unless excused by the net control station, please advise NCS if you must leave. 

Modes utilized for this exercise include; HF, VHF/UHF linked repeaters, simplex, IRLP, and Packet via the Airmail program. 

Guidelines for Net Control Stations

The following information is required from each net control station for each hour;
- Total number of stations reporting in during your hour.
- Location of each reporting station during your hour.
- Total number of stations using emergency power during your hour.
- Total number of pieces of traffic passed during your hour.
- List each Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) reporting in during your hour including callsign.

Operational Frequencies

Special EOC Session  (December 1st)
A special session of the SET is scheduled for Wednesday December 1st 2010 (09:00 to 12:00) to accommodate Emergency Operations Centres stations which only have site access during normal business hours.   

•  3.742 MHz alt. 7.150 MHz. (Ontario Phone Net VA3OPN) 
•  IRLP Reflector 9035 (Ontario Public Service Reflector) 
•  Packet via Airmail program (EMOARES at gmail.com)

SET Province-wide Schedule (December 4th)

Day Time Session  (10:00 to 14:00 hrs ET) 

•  3.742 MHz alt. 7.150 MHz. (Ontario Phone Net VA3OPN) 
•  IRLP Reflector 9035 (Ontario Public Service Reflector) 
•  Packet via Airmail program (emoares at gmail.com)

Evening Session   (19:00 to 21:00 hrs ET)

•  3.742 MHz alt. 7.150 MHz. (Ontario Phone Net VA3OPN) 
•  IRLP Reflector 9035 (Ontario Public Service Reflector) 
•  Packet via Airmail program (EMOARES at gmail.com)

Useful SET Tools

For your convenience generic radiograms and logsheets used by the EMO and Toronto EOC stations are available for download on the EMO ARES website. The radiogram is full-page print-out providing space for extra details and information. The log-sheets have only 12 entries per page providing ample room for additional information.

•  Radiogram: http://emoares.org/radiogram1.pdf
•  Logsheet: http://emoares.org/logsheet.pdf
•  Easy Guide to understanding Radiograms: http://emoares.org/easygram.shtml 
•  ARL Numbered Text: http://emoares.org/arlnumbered.shtml 
Jim Taylor, VA3KU 
Amateur Radio Program Coordinator 
Provincial Emergency Operations Centre 
Emergency Management Ontario
Office/Cell: 416-314-4634
Website: www.emoares.org
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