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Author Topic: Echo / IRLP machine repaired 20:30 August 9 2016  (Read 7087 times)
The Guru
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« on: August 10, 2016, 11:10:44 AM »

As many of may have known the IRLP / Echo machine was not working.

Bill VE3LFD drove from Bala to find out why it would not work and
found that the UHF link radio was defective.

Adam VE3MUN replaced the 20+ year old defective TM-451
with a TM-V71a that he owned.

He programmed the new radio to 444.325 mhz with a 5 mhz + offset
and a 250.3 hz CTSS.

The IRLP Machine would TX but would not RX any commands.

Gord VE3UGG troubleshooted the logic and found that on the new radio
the logic signal for the COR (carrier/CTSS operated relay) was backwards.
The COR would go high when it go a CTSS signal with a carrier instead of low
as the IRLP computer required.
He did this remotely from Wallaceburg on his computer though an
internet connection to the IRLP / Echo computer.

Bill did some research and discovered that Logic could be reversed
with the MCP-2A programing software.
Also confirmed that the data jack  needed to configured as follows:
- DAT.BND Menu setting 517 set to A (Data Band A)
- DAT.SPD Menu setting 518 set to 1200 (Data Speed 1200 bps)
- PC.  SPD Menu setting 519 set to 9600 (PC Speed 9600 bps)
- SQC.SRC Menu setting 520 set to SQL (COR must have a CTSS)

Adam changed the Logic from high to low with the MCP-2A programing software.

Success! The IRLP / Echo Machine now works better than ever!

To use the IRLP / Echo machine  dial in 444.325 mhz with a 250.3 hz tone.
Remember you need to put two stars "**" in front of all the IRLP commands.
eg. **73 to shut off the IRLP link.

See the operating instructions on this site

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