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Author Topic: 147.120 VE3KCR update  (Read 8809 times)
The Guru
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« on: May 03, 2019, 08:25:09 PM »

We plan to move the Ridgetown Rx Site soon.

I hope the Leamington RX Sites will be changed soon as well.

Below info on East Kent: (NOT Leamington)

On Sunday April 28 Adam VE3MUN and Bill (VE3LFD)
installed a new lock band Repeater at the East Kent Site "H site"

Adam texted the site owner before and after we
went to his site and Thanked him for the use of it.

The voltage was 14.02 VDC on the power supply.
The existing fan on the power supply sounded OK.
The Match on:
223.39 Antenna was tested 1.5 : 1
147.72 Antenna was tested 2.0 : 1 (a little high but it is RX only)

The fan on the TYT transmitter had a
100 ohm 10 watt resistor installed in the power wire.
It  is now is very quiet.
(The site owner did not like the whine of the old fan)

We should put a resister inline of the power supply fan
next time we service it. ( 50 – 100 ohms 5 or 10 watt)

We checked the RX through to the main site and
back to east Kent and it worked well (heard an “H” on the tail)

We rechecked it in Thamseville on 5 watts, it works well.

We have no clue on why the older TYT 223.39 MHz transmitter failed.

Notes on the East Receive site for VE3KCR:

Lock band Repeater (East Kent) "H site"

VE3KCR sends a H …. in Morse code on the tail when it votes to the H site.

147.720MHz 100Hz ctss RX (Kenwood TM281)
223.39MHz 97.4Hz ctss TX (TYT TH-9000)

The two new repeaters have been built, programmed and tested.
(One to install and one spare)

To test the H Site:
-   Go east of Thamesville  with a HT.
-   Transmit on VE3KCR 147.120MHz 100hz ctss shift set +
-   Then listen for the H(....) on the tail of KCR.
-   You can monitor the 223.39 MHz 97.4 Hz output as well.

Notes about the lock band repeater:
-   The local audio is muted
when the interconnect is plugged in.
(you will NOT hear any audio when
 the Kenwood TM281 receives)

-   But the volume control on the TM281
MUST BE SET at 12:00 (1/2 way)
to allow it to send a TX signal
to the (TYT TH-9000)

-   The Audio level is fixed so
changing the volume controls
on TM281 or TH9000 will not
change the audio level on TX

-   The TYT TH-9000 may stop RX if the
power just blinks for a short time.
This is because the cpu is not fully reset. 
Powering down the repeater and
restarting it should fix it.
This is rare but normal for TH-9000.

-   I added a 100 ohm 10 watt resistor in
series with the power to the fan.
This slows the fan, extending its life
and makes it very quiet.
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