VE3KCR 144.390 APRS

The VE3KCR digipeater serves the local APRS community and transient 401 traffic. Its wide footprint fills a coverage gap in southwestern Ontario. You can view details about APRS at the links below.

The club is also now supporting a remote APRS iGate for increased accuracy and traffic handling. Callsign VE3CRC.

View a map of VE3KCR/APRS. See the latest Stations heard on a map. There's also a list of stations heard by the VE3KCR digipeater, with packets handled by the machine, over the past 48 hours. Watch the path distance - when paths become longer, this is a good indication that 2m propagation is enhanced.

A popular APRS device is the TinyTrak, available in kit form or preassembled. Can also be ordered combined with a GPS unit, so all you need is a radio on 144.390 MHz.