VE3COZ 145.190

This site hosts the new Yaesu System Fusion repeater in FM only mode (100hz tone). We will be running this at 20 watts and it should have an excellent footprint due to the lofty height at this location. It should reach out just as far - or farther - than the current "519" machine (Ed. it does!). It has been decided that this machine will be switched to DIGITAL ONLY mode when we can access the site.

This machine was a Kendecom VHF repeater, co-located with VA3KCR at the CKSY-FM transmitting plant. It serves as a backup 2m repeater for the club. VE3COZ features a basic controller that identifies in CW only. It transmits on 145.190 MHz with a negative offset and no PL. Emergency power is available to this repeater

Its receive antenna is a 2 bay Sinclair at 495' AGL, and a Diamond X-500 at 360' AGL handles the transmit signal.