VE3COZ 444.325

This repeater transmits on 444.325 MHz with a positive offset and 250.3PL (although strictly not required, recomended on RX as well). It is co-located with the VE3COZ and VA3KCR VHF repeaters at the CKSY-FM transmitting plant. It has a simple controller that identifies in CW. Although it is equipped with an autopatch, there is no longer a phone line associated with it.

Our IRLP node 2440 is now located on this repeater, with a PL of 250.3 Hz. With no PL, the repeater will still function normally, but IRLP (and other users with an RX tone on) won't hear it. This feature could be used to pass local traffic that doesn't go out onto the IRLP network.

The receive antenna is an 8 bay Sinclair at the tower top - 495' AGL. The transmit output is duplexed with the output of the VE3COZ VHF machine, which then feeds a Diamond X-50 dual band antenna at the 390' level through 1/2 inch Andrews Heliax.