VE3COZ 444.325 EchoIRLP Repeater

Our IRLP node is now an EchoIRLP node! IRLP node #2440 and Echolink node #852814 (VE3UGG-R). Still under the care of VE3LFD but now administered by VE3GUK and VE3UGG (thanks to VE3NCQ for laying down all the ground work). This node, like all the CKARC repeaters, is open for use by everyone.

To use EchoIRLP, you must transmit a 250.3 Hz PL tone. Without the tone, the repeater functions normally for local use, but will not transmit to the EchoIRLP network. All EchoIRLP traffic will be heard by everyone.

The EchoIRLP node is controlled by DTMF. The repeater strips DTMF, so to bypass this, all commands must be prefixed with ** (star star). First, check to make sure the repeater is not in use.

  • To connect to an IRLP node, enter "**" (2 stars) plus the 4-digit ID of the station or reflecter you wish to call. To finish a QSO and close the connection, press "**73". The inactivity timeout is set to 60 minutes. Additional codes and features may be added in the future.
  • To connect to an Echolink node, enter "***" (3 stars) plus the 5 to 6 digit station or conference number. To finish a QSO and close the connection, press "**73". You can also connect via smart phone/computer by looking up VE3UGG-R and pressing 'connect'.

The IRLP side of the repeater will automatically connect to various nets and news services throughout the week (TBA). During these times, Echolink will be unavailable. Everyone is welcome to participate under the direction of net control.

Other IRLP features include:

  • **0 - current time

IRLP Shorcuts

  • **#1 - London VE3TTT (147.180+ 114.8) (the local EchoLink prefix is 'BB')
  • **#2 - Sarnia VE3WHO (146.955-) (the local IRLP prefix is '#')
  • **#3 - Leamington VE3TOM (147.300+ 118.8/118.8) (prefix unknown)
  • **#4 - Windsor VE3EOW (145.410- 118.8) (prefix unknown)
  • **#5 - Muskoka VE3MUS (145.270- 156.7) (prefix unknown)
  • **#6 - Bracebridge
  • **#9 - Reflector 9030

The EchoIRLP system is an embedded node, running on a Super Mini ITX machine with a 667 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, and 2 GB IDE Flash drive. The operating system is Cent OS. It's connected to the internet with its own IP address. The radio is a Kenwood TM-451A.

EchoLink status page

See the IRLP site for more information and node numbers.