Repeater Status

VE3KCR - (147.120+ 100 PL) This machine is being reworked with a new/upgraded TX site(s) and RX sites. It is hoped that maximum mobile coverage from Lake Erie in the south, Sarnia in the north, Lakeshore, Leamington and parts of Michigan to the west and beyond Clachan to the east will be completed by mid-summer (Ed. It now does). Click here for a history of this repeater.

Ed: The VE3KCR TX site is currently operating from a site in north Chatham and supported by several RX sites around the Chatham-Kent area. Handie-talkie coverage now extends from Wallaceburg in the north, Blenheim in the south, Dresden, Thamesville, Tilbury, etc. Mobile and Base coverage is even more extensive.

VA3KCR - (146.680- NO PL) The machine is fully repaired and reinstalled. Some members have reported noisy conditions on this machine but it seems to have subsided. It currently has the largest footprint in Chatham-Kent and is used for our Wednesday Night net.

VE3COZ VHF - (145.190- 100 PL) The machine is up and working well. Still has an excellent footprint. This machine is now using a Yaesu repeater and hopefully will be switched over soon to Fusion digital only.

VE3COZ UHF - (444.325+ 250.3 PL) The repeater is up and working well and has a large footprint. EchoLink and IRLP (EchoIRLP) are now on this machine. Tips on using IRLP on this repeater

(Many users have been routinely using an RX tone of 250.3 Hz so transmitting this tone all the time is recomended)

VE3MGK UHF - (442.200+ NO PL) Currently in testing mode and may not be available.

VE3KCR APRS - (144.390) This machine is an APRS Digipeater with excellent range. Currently it does suffer minor degradation due to desensing from VA3KCR (located at the same site). When VE3KCR becomes the primary repeater again, this issue will be virtually eliminated. The club now supports a few remote iGates - VE3CRC and VA3XLT - for increased accuracy and traffic flow.